Alamance Cares delivers presentations to youth and adults on how to prevent HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis C, as well as to parents on how to talk with their children about sex. We also set-up information tables at health fairs and community events. Presentations range from 30 to 90 minutes.

Currently, we offer educational presentations at the following locations:

  • Middle and High schools
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Senior Citizens Centers
  • Domestic Violence Survivors’ Residential Programs
  • Prison Systems
  • Churches, entire congregations and youth groups
  • After-School Programs
  • Community Events
  • Housing Complexes/People’s Homes
  • Mental Health Programs, residential and non-residential
  • Substance Abuse Programs

Alamance Cares is skilled in working in diverse environments with people from all walks of life! Contact us if you are interested in our presentations– we have a variety of programs for youth and adults and are always open to creative ideas!

Youth Presentations

Alamance Cares’ youth educational programs are abstinence-based. This means we do discuss condom use during all of our presentations (please note, that we do follow federal guidelines when working within the public school system and that we never hand out condoms at schools or if an agency requests that we refrain from doing so). Please know that we are all on the same page: Alamance Cares believes that abstinence is best and we ALWAYS stress this during our presentations to youth.

The goal of our presentations are to objectively educate about HIV/AIDS, Syphilis and Hepatitis C in an effort to prevent and reduce risky sexual behaviors. The goal is not to impart values regarding sexual orientation, to intentionally support or contradict religious teachings, or to provide a personal view on the rights/wrongs of sexual behavior.